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March Madness

Ncaa Tournament Begins

Well its march and we know what time it is, March madness and there’s some exciting news if your a North Carolina resident. You can now legally place bets on NCAA basketball tournaments using smartphone apps and computers, making it easier than ever to get in on the action. The landscape of legal sports betting has seen a remarkable expansion, with 38 states and the District of Columbia now allowing it, a significant leap from just one state back in 2018. The growth speaks volumes, as evidenced by the staggering $121 billion wagered on sports through legal platforms in 2023 alone, with operators raking in $11 billion in revenue. The NCAA tournaments are always a highlight, and this year’s events are expected to draw in around $2.7 billion in bets through legal sportsbooks. Rules vary across states, with some prohibiting bets on local college teams while others restrict betting on individual player performances. Since last year’s men’s tournament, several states, including Nebraska, Kentucky, Maine, Florida, Vermont, and North Carolina, have embraced or expanded sports betting initiatives. Additionally, many more states are contemplating joining the trend, with Missouri, Alabama, Georgia, Oklahoma, Minnesota, and Mississippi all considering legalizing sports betting. While some may attempt to cross state lines to place bets, technological barriers often prevent such endeavors. So, whether you’re cheering for your favorite team or simply looking to add some excitement to the game, legal sports betting offers a thrilling opportunity for fans everywhere.