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Play Playground

Hey there, fellow gamers and nostalgia enthusiasts! Brace yourselves for an epic blast from the past because Play Playground has just made its grand debut at Luxor, and let me tell you – it’s unlike anything you’ve ever experienced! This one-of-a-kind gaming venue is here to whisk you away on a journey through the golden era of the 90s, with games inspired by classics that’ll make your inner child squeal with delight. Picture this: a live Big Bop It, an exhilarating obstacle course, and so much more – all waiting for you to dive in and relive the magic of your favorite childhood memories. Plus, with a lanyard and swipe card in hand, you’ll have the chance to accumulate tickets and unlock some seriously epic prizes along the way. And here’s the cherry on top – Play Playground boasts a full bar, making it the perfect spot for adults to kick back, relax, and let the good times roll. So gather your crew, grab your quarters, and get ready to level up your Vegas experience at Play Playground – where the games are classic, the drinks are flowing, and the fun never stops!